Chocolate Foot

Putting our best foot forward

Rachel Cook

rachel cook

Age: 20

Years riding: 4

Day Job: I am a current Physiotherapy Student at ACU, I also work part time at Southern Sports Physio. I also coach and judge acrobatic gymnastics.

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Pippa Lyon

pippa lyon

Age: 36

Years riding: 2

Day Job: Copy Reviewer, Qantas

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Eva Boland

eva boland

Age: 32

Years riding: 2.5 MTB, 13 on the road

Day Job: Accredited Exercise Physiologist

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Robyn Walker

robyn walker1

Age: 49

Years Riding: 1 year

Day Job: I am a busy Mum of 3 kids but I do some Nursing 1-2 days a week. I mostly ride my bike in all my spare time!

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Tanya Chamberland

tanya chamberland

Age: 48

Years riding: 20 (off and on)

Day Job: I operate a business that offers sales, marketing and communications services for the tourism industry. I’m also a part-time stepmonster to three lovely teenagers.

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