Top tips that got me through my first solo lap race

Published on Monday, 30 January 2017 14:30
Written by Pippa Lyon

pippa 5hr coondooI had signed up for my first solo lap race and on the drive to Nowra (in the awesome white bike van with Fi and team manager Joe) it suddenly dawned upon me that I hadn't really thought about the logistics of the race. Should I wear a hydration pack? Should I have water or Perpetuem on my bike? How often should I eat? Should I stop? Who would refill my bottles? I casually asked a couple of questions and (after picking their brains for about half an hour) I felt more prepared and ready to race. 

Having survived my first solo lap race, here are my top tips!


Before the race

During the race

Overloaded bike 2

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After the race

Feeling tired time to go for a ride