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Top tips that got me through my first solo lap race

pippa 5hr coondooI had signed up for my first solo lap race and on the drive to Nowra (in the awesome white bike van with Fi and team manager Joe) it suddenly dawned upon me that I hadn't really thought about the logistics of the race. Should I wear a hydration pack? Should I have water or Perpetuem on my bike? How often should I eat? Should I stop? Who would refill my bottles? I casually asked a couple of questions and (after picking their brains for about half an hour) I felt more prepared and ready to race. 

Having survived my first solo lap race, here are my top tips!


Before the race

  • Find out whether the time limit means that you need to get out for your last lap or in from your last lap within the time limit.
  • Work out the amount of carbs you need to eat per hour and stick to it e.g. 50g = 2 Hammer bars, 1 gel, half a bottle of energy drink etc. Have a variety of nutrition options in case you can’t stomach something on race day.
    Hammer Bars Almond Raisin 300x300
  • Estimate how long it will take you to complete a lap and use that to work out the pace/lap time you will need to maintain in order to complete a specific number of laps.
  • Set up your bike computer/watch with the screens that you need so that you have all the information to hand and don’t have to scroll - i.e. lap time, number of laps, elapsed time and maximum heart rate.

During the race

  • Nominate a couple of places (ideally fire trail) where you will eat every lap.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary weight - I was going to ride with a CamelBak and a bottle on my bike until questioned by Manager Joe. In the end I rode with just a bottle on my bike and alternated between carrying water and energy drink.

Overloaded bike 2

  • Have enough bottles of water and energy drink to last the race or have a support crew to fill up your bottles with the appropriate liquid (e.g. white bottle for water, orange bottle for energy drink) when you leave them in transition.
  • If it’s a cool start, make sure you wear something that is easy to remove e.g. arm warmers rather than a thermal underneath that you have to take off your jersey to remove.
  • Don’t forget the Aussie Butt cream!

2016 5 9 Aussie Butt Cream 250ml tub 729

After the race

  • Have your recovery nutrition ready so that it is easily accessible once you finish and doesn’t require too much movement or brain power. Wrap up warm and enjoy the celebratory post-race atmosphere.

Feeling tired time to go for a ride