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Testimonials - Skills Training

Thank you so much to Fiona and Joe for organising a fun filled, skill packed session, throughly enjoyed the clinic and highly recommend Chocolate Foot services! - Ann, December 2018

We had a brilliant 3 hours with Fi and Joe yesterday on their ‘Demystifying the Dam’ clinic.

It started with some skills ‘refreshers’. New to us I think, and an excellent preparation for what was to come.

We sessioned 6 of the tricky bits (to our group at least) and everyone made heaps of progress and rode stuff that they hadn’t ridden before.

Fi and Joe are a great team - skilled riders, great teachers and supportive/assertive as required.

Although I could get around the Manly Dam already (although not the A line at the 19th hole) I’m definitely a much better and more confident rider now than I was before the session.

Excellent fun, heartily recommended. I might do it again: the 19th hole beckons! - Charlie, November 2018

Highly recommend Joe and Fi. Gave us all a lot more confidence in a supportive and encouraging way. Have many more options now! - Steve, November 2018

Great Saturday with Fiona & Joe on the MTB Skills Clinic. The course starts with basic skills and uses those to build on until we were descending off steep hills, and ascending in the right way + riding over obstacles. I feel more confident on the bike with everything I’ve learnt. Thank you, a fantastic way to spend a day! - Sharon, November 2018

Thanks for a great session Fiona and Joe. Great skill and confidence booster plus new quicker lines to practice. See you out and about soon - Andrew, November 2018

A BIG thank you to you and Joe for an awesome day on Saturday. I’ve learnt so much and eager to put into practice - Louise, November 2018

Thank you so much! You guys made us feel at ease and I had a great time! - Lara, November 2018

Thanks team! It was loads of fun & quite inspiring - Sophie, November 2018

Thanks for such a great session. I had an awesome time, learnt a lot and I am really keen to keep getting out there and practising. You are an excellent coach who has a knack for explaining things in a way that beginners can understand - Georgia, August 2018

Thanks a lot Fi and Joe. I had a really good time and it was great to spend time on the bike learning new skills and getting some confidence back - Paula, May 2018

Sunday was fantastic - couldn’t have been better. Thanks so much for your fantastic instruction and patience answering all my questions. And for the great resources; I really appreciate your inclusion of the written notes - Bronwyn, March 2018

Thanks for a great skills course yesterday. Had loads of fun and learnt so much... now to do lots of practice! - Virginia, March 2018

Thank you for such a great bike experience on my last day in Oz . It left a smile on my face for most of the flight back home - Malcolm, October 2017

As a beginner, I had no idea what to expect at the clinic. Joe & Fiona were fantastic! I learnt a lot. I'm grateful that Fiona was so patient, and afforded me the time to get the hang of it. I'm looking forward to more off-road experience to practice my newly learnt skills - Zona, August 2017

Highly recommend Chocolate Foot's 6hr beginners MTB course at Manly Dam. Fiona and Joe were great, through basics to testing your abilities and building confidence enabling the students to do sections I'd imagine many of us would never had thought possible. Will definitely be looking into the Demistifying the Dam skills course - Shannan, August 2017

I highly recommend the MTB clinics! I achieved more than I expected - conquering sections of Manly Dam that have always spooked me. Fiona was a wonderful coach and teacher understanding the skills of the group and the individuals and pushing us to hit obstacles that she knew we were capable of. I will return to Manly Dam (and any other trail) with more confidence and as a much better rider after this 3 hr clinic - Lana, July 2017

Thanks Fiona for a great day. Had a ball and learnt heaps on the demystifying dam clinic - Martin, July 2017

When I first started mountain biking, my confidence held me back and frustrated me but after a number of skills courses with Fi and Joe, I'm a totally different rider. I now attempt (and complete) features and obstacles that I never dreamed I'd be able do. It's hard not to be inspired by their enthusiasm for all things mtb and their understated way of simplifying the most daunting things. Demystifying the Dam was fantastic, when's the next one?! - Pippa, May 2017

Big thanks to Fi and Joe at Chocolate Foot for the excellent skills sessions. I did the Demystifying the Dam clinic and it was the perfect mix of skills development, technique practice and all round good fun. I conquered new lines that would have remained a pipe dream without their support. This clinic has definitely cranked up the fun factor! - Emily, May 2017

Absolutely recommend Chocolate Foot MTB clinics. I did yesterday's Demystifying the Dam clinic and we were all amazed at what we achieved with Fi & Joe's instruction, guidance and support. I'm definitely going back to do more clinics and keep building my confidence. I think all levels of rider could benefit from Fi & Joe's assessment and coaching, whether you consider yourself a total beginner or fairly advanced - I'm willing to bet that you'll learn something new. (They even got me down some A-lines on my retro 26er!) - Kathryn, May 2017

I would highly recommend taking a workshop with Chocolate Foot. Very fun, supportive and encouraging!! They have made a massive impact on my riding and confidence! Thank you!! - Megan, May 2017

Great course, something worth doing if you want to know how to ride well - Nigel, May 2017

Intermediate 6 hour Clinic was excellent with result that, core skills being the focus, better decisions are being made on the trail. Would recommend Fiona and Joe to any MTBiker keen to improve - Robin, April 2017

I did the "Demystifying the Dam" skills clinic today. This was a great opportunity to practice some of the more difficult sections of Manly Dam, many bits I would normal walk and never had imagined trying. Fi and Joe's encouragement had us all trying some new lines and taking some improved skills away from the morning - James, April 2017

Intermediate Women's MTB clinic was great. Friendly, inclusive and professional. Fiona and Joe took great care to ensure the content was understood & applied. They took the time to accommodate the various skill & fitness levels of the group - Teresa, April 2017

29 April 2017 - Women's Intermediate MTB Skills Clinic at Manly Dam

It was great - I feel more comfortable and confident on the bike. Realise I should keep up with some drills.

Thanks for all the personal attention to make sure I mastered the skills even though I was slower!!

Thank you guys so much for a great skills clinic can't wait for many rides ahead

Thanks Fiona Dick it was rad! And already tried out my improved skills.

Thanks for a fantastic day.

Fantastic!! Loved it.

19 November 2016 - Women's MTB Skills Clinic at St Ives

I had a great time last weekend with you, Joe and the girls. The notes are super helpful! I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into them and for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Stoked! Thanks.

The skills day met my expectations, and more!

Thanks for looking after me, you guys are the best!


18 September 2016 - MTB Skills Clinic at Manly Dam

I gained a heap out it when I did the day with Fi and Joe even though I've been riding a few years. You get individual attention and they start coaching you from where you're at. My weakness was holding the right "shape" on the bike while cornering, especially turning right, and Fi's feedback was invaluable, improving both my speed and safety in tricky conditions. The friend I dragged along was a rank beginner but has come along in leaps and bounds since doing this course. There are still a couple of spots on the loop that mess with my head that we ran out of time to deal with on the day due to weather conditions, so I'll be back again to see Fi to help me break the hoodoo.

I was particularly pleased that everyone got an appropriate level of attention - other providers have sometimes neglected the more advanced riders, but not you guys. I got what I wanted (cornering, other feedback) and I think my colleague improved massively over the day.

The trail ride was my favorite part of the clinic. It allowed me to see an improvement in my riding as well as putting the day’s skills into practice.

Overall I truly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot in a short time. I would definitely recommend this clinic to others and hope that more clinics can be run. I will be returning to do the intermediate level at some point.

Joe was knowledgeable about my bike and I was impressed by the effort put into salvaging another participant's bike. Which was not quite up to the task.


17 September 2016 - Demystifying the Dam at Manly Dam

I’m totally satisfied with the course. It simply matched 100% the expectation. There were path I wouldn’t even imagine to do it without C-Foot’s staff support. This was achieved by the initial technical brief on how to lift the front and rear of my bike. Plus details about the line to follow at each obstacle. 

More instructional activities such as this would allow people to have fun and be safe at the same time. I believe this would incentivize more people to do mountain bike as sport. Some people could even switch from car to bicycle as way to commute. On the other side, people attempting Mountain Bike without proper training might get injured easily, than give up. We need more happy& healthy people  and I believe this kind of events will help to achieve the goal.

I wanted to ride the dam with more confidence, skill, and do it safely. I rode different lines that were more gnarly but I also did it with more confidence and felt safer. The demonstrations performed by the ride leaders and the peer support helped me achieve that. Sessions like this make the dam much more accessible than its reputation portrays. I'll ride the dam more often now!

Ever since I took up mountain biking approx. 2 years ago I’ve always found parts of the Manly Dam MTB trail challenging so it was great to have the opportunity to learn how to tackle those elements safely. The session will help boost my confidence with sections that are not actually that difficult once you are shown the right way to tackle them. Manly Dam has such a good mix of terrain for all levels of riders so it’s a great place to learn new techniques. Far better to learn under the safety of professional tuition than just going out on your own and using trial and error. Count me in for the next one!

It was a great opportunity to ride the Dam safely with experienced local coaches … an opportunity too good not to be involved in. The Dam can be very daunting for the less experienced rider. It is also very important to learn to ride it safely and not recklessly. It was great having the coaches demonstrate how to ride sections and make alternative suggestions at parts. They showed me approaches I have never thought about. By having experienced guides I was able to learn more challenging lines with safety. The coaches are so positive and encouraging which helps me feel confident to try stuff. They are very respectful of the environment and other riders as well. The session was fantastic. Level of satisfaction 10/10.

I had a great day with the Chocolate foot coaches, Fiona and Joe. I would totally recommend others to attend programs like this if they become available. They are very experienced, patient and also make me feel confident when I ride. I feel like I am in good hands. Manly Dam is such a beautiful place we need more locals teaching safe riding, they have so much experience and carry all activities with the highest level of professionalism. This is what we need to ensure the safety and protection of our local trails.


17 September 2016 - Introduction to MTB at North Head Sanctuary

Great fun, full of good advice, would recommend, ejoyed it all - thanks.

Thanks Fi and Joe, great introduction and huge fun - I am definitely hooked! Now to save up for a bike :-)

Looking forward to doing more. Great class, thank you.


16 July 2016 - Mixed Skills Day at St Ives

Really beneficial, totally well run, great teaching.

Excellent day, thanks for all the tips.

Excellent to be talked through obstacles so that we know what skills to use on trails

Fantastic day, thanks heaps

Woohoo! Thanks for the day!

Thanks heaps - was a great day! Now to practice.


10 July 2016 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

Thanks for an awesome day yesterday! You and Joe are the best!

I just wanted to drop you a small email to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for a great day out yesterday. While I never thought my upper body could hurt quite so much after cycling I left the day with a keen will to practice all you and Joe taught us and look forward to getting on the bike this arvo and practicing those skills before hitting our backyard fire trail. Upon reflection we have a great down hill, river crossing and then up hill that will be a perfect practice location for “sessioning” without having to travel too far as it’s right on my doorstep - I never saw it in this light before yesterday.

Great course overall! Very thorough. Thanks for a great day.

Thanks Fi and Joe, the clinic was fantastic! Am looking forward to giving those skills a whirl this weekend!

Great course. Good pace to absorb learnings.

Fantastic session - thanks Fi & Joe!

Fantastic - thank you.

Thanks to both for the course yesterday. It was a great learning opportunity.


29 May 2016 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

GREAT day!! Thank you.

Great refresher - back to basics foundation skills for me to practice.

Had a great day & inspired to head out & practice.

Good covering of skills, can't wait to practice! Thank you Fi & Joe.

Such a good day! I can't wait to be able to do everything. Already less fear!

Loved it! Thanks for a great day.

Thanks so much for the class on Sunday.  I had a great time and learnt a lot.


7 May 2016 - Mixed Skills Day at St Ives

Definitely met my expectations, well done guys. Highly recommended.

Great day with lots of new skills learnt - confidence already better! Thank you!

Second time around and got just as much this time as first.


18 October 2015 - Mixed Skills Day at St Ives

Great day - learnt a lot.

Comprehensive and enjoyable.

Great intro to MTB. Well taught and open to questions.

Some of my fears overcome - but definitely much more excited to keep trying.

 Was a great session - by the end I was mentally exhausted!


12 September 2015 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

Had an awesome day. Both Fi and Joe provided instructions clearly which helped to correct my technique, and improve my confidence. Thank you Fi & Joe for an amazing day.

I think the day was fantastic. For me the best part was wheel lifts. This was really helpful and has given me more confidence with how to position my body/bike. Also, I think the cost was really reasonable.. for a full day of lessons.


22 February 2015 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

Great day, was fantastic that it started with the basics but then progressed through the day.


17 January 2015 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

Thank you so much again for the ladies course last week. It provided training beyond expectation and my confidence has soared since!

My partner and I went for a ride at Loftus on the Sunday. I put in PR’s for most of the track and managed a rocky descent that I’d been too scared to tackle previously, really quite easily, with a woop woop at the end of it and ‘the’ biggest grin on my face! All thanks to you and Imogen! 

Fantastic day. Covered skills for all level of riders. Gave me more confidence with braking.

Day overall was excellent, both girls very knowledgeable and very good at communicating their knowledge. Loved it!

Awesome day, awesome instruction, thank you both so much!

Loved every minute of it. Thanks for your patience and encouragement. I feel like I can do anything! now just need a bike!

Great day - thank you.

Feel more confident, and looking forward to practicing the skills learnt today.

Thanks for a great day :-)

Fantastic day. Great tips and the group had a great time!


7 December 2014 - Mixed Skills Day at St Ives

Good day! I've done other clinics but definitely felt more confident and improved more with this one.

Thanks Fiona and Joe - I had a ball today. I will definitely come again. I can't wait to practice my new skills. 

Great adaption of explanations to be able to get it.

Changed the way (for the better) I negotiate obstacles.

Great level of detail on bike setup.

Learnt a lot, and know what I need to work on.

12 October 2014 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

Was a great day, I learnt a lot - now I have to maintain and improve on what I learnt. Thanks!

Great clinic, learnt a lot. Can't wait to go on a ride again.

Attention to the necessary details and excellent bike mechanical knowledge.

Fantastic day! Will practice skills.

10 August 2014 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

It was a great day yesterday thank you! You and Joe have a good way of explaining scary looking things in small steps so at the end everybody was able to manage. Thanks again for a perfect day!

You made it very easy to understand and then put into practice.

Awesome thanks - ready to get back out there!

Awesome day, thank you

Overall - great! Learnt a lot, and enjoyed!


25 May 2014 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

Really well run and effectively taught - thanks!

Great day, another follow up lesson would be great.

Met my expectations - just need to turn technique into practice on the singletrack!

Great day - thank you!

Great course, would love to do a follow-up course.

I had a great day.


9 February 2014 - Mixed Skills Day at St Ives

Awesome - learnt loads, pace was perfect

Thanks to Chocolate Foot for an awesome mtb skills clinic today. I would highly recommended for tips, tricks and technical stuff. Fun times.


8 February 2014 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

We enjoyed our day yesterday - thank you Fi & Joe. I was suitably knackered and slept super well. I am so excited to really get into MTB & enjoy it as a family. I will be sure to recommend your course to others. 

Great day. Exactly what I needed. Now it's time to practice.


15 December 2013 - Mixed Skills Day at St Ives

Thank you so much - I feel like I've learnt almost triple since this morning. Really appreciate your patience and feedback throughout.

Thanks for a great fun day. It was great to fill in the gaps in my skill set. Improved my riding for sure!

I was not expecting to learn so many amazing things! I am totally wrapped - thank you so much.

Great day. A lot to think about. Thank you very much.

Well worth it. Lots of things to practice in the future.

I found the day was exactly what I needed. A good reminder of lots of basic things that I had forgotten. So thank you from a happy customer, you guys are great.

My skills have increased and will continue

15 September 2013 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

Fantastic course - felt very confident at the end of the day.

Really great day. Fiona and Joe were both amazing, patient, clear trainers. Thanks!

Great day, thanks Fi and Joe! It was really helpful how you guys explained everything so we understood what we were doing. Thanks again!

Best thing was meeting other girls with a range of confidence, abilities and experience.

Absolutely loved it. Thanks!


11 August 2013 - Women's Skills Day at St Ives

Fantastic day, thank you. Great venue, excellent teaching.

Fantastic for skills and confidence.

Had a great day, got a lot of solid skills that I had been missing. Worked well with riders of varying abilities. Didn't feel bored or left behind at any point.


Various clinics 2010 - 2013

Completed my first group trail ride on technical terrain since our training session and I was absolutely amazed!!!

Everything was easier and more fluid, I was able to ride sections I’d totally lost confidence on and ride them well. There was a few things I didn’t try but not much.

A big thumbs up – I’ve NEVER ridden with such confidence and control – again many thanks.

It was a great clinic and I learnt tonnes, and it made me want to improve and overcome my fears (thankfully dentistry is amazing these days) I now also refer to my fav foot as the chocolate foot. Hee hee!

The clinic was great fun and I learnt heaps. I just have to practise now! Thanks for a great day.

Hi, just a quick email to say THANKYOU for all your excellent help today, I cant wait to get back on the bike to try and practise all the new things. I have just been boasting to the males in the family about what we got up to.

I had a great time. I thought the mix of skills sessions and trail ride was just right. It was good to stop on the trail and work on technical skills. The "personal approach" with just two of us was also helpful and made the learning experience more enjoyable.

Just want to say thanks for a great Saturday.  I learnt some good techniques, met some great people, and had a great time doing it.  Although the "no fear" spark I had as a 10 year old riding my bike on the home-made jumps with the neighbourhood boys isn't quite there again, there is a definite smoulder!  Hopefully you will continue with the workshops, and I will recommend them to anyone I hear who is looking for a good techniques class.

Thanks again for your help on Saturday. I had an awesome time and i look forward to getting out and improving my skills.

Great helpful instructors.

Thanks so much for a great day on Saturday. I didn’t pull up too badly, that was the longest I’ve ever spent on a bike in my life. My son is very excited about my new skills, although he demo’d to me every single one of them on his bmx in the dark! So I don’t think there is anything I can pass to him apart from the maintenance side. My daughter is a different story though, so it will be fun going through everything with her.

Thanks for the great skills day & the quick follow-up with contacts and photos!

Thanks for the weekend I got heaps out of the day and have already been for another ride which i thoroughly enjoyed!! I would definitely be keen for a follow up lesson, even if we had to venture to canberra for the weekend.
Thanks again for the weekend and happy biking! :)

I really enjoyed the day - relaxed, friendly and an easy place to learn

Great - didn't realise there was so much to it!