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Results & Reports 2012

Round 1, Sunday 29 April, Kinross State Forest, Orange

    Round 2, Sunday 24 June, East Kowen Forest, ACT

      Round 3, Sunday 19 August, Coondoo Road, Nowra

      • The Chocolate Wrapper - Event Report
      • SBS Cycling Central report
      • Male Solo Series leader Ed McDonald's race wrap
      • Bernard Rider Glenn King's report
      • Not just a race, an adventure too! Bethany Thompson's blog

        Round 4, Sunday 16 September, Welby, NSW Southern Highlands

        • The Chocolate Wrapper - Event Report
        • Event blog from Headline sponsor SRAM
        • Solo Men winner Andrew Hall's event report
        • Female solo third place Bethany Thompson's account of her day
        • Radical Lights team member Jason McAvoy's blog
        • Male Masters solo third place Mike Israel's report
        • Masters Pairs winner and rider Gary Harwood's report

          Round 5, Sunday 28 October, Rydal, nr Lithgow

          • The Chocolate Wrapper - Event Report
          • Another 'must read' blog from Male Solo winner Ed McDonald
          • The Roost magazine's race report
          • Bethany Thompson made the most of the buzz at the event centre! Check out her report here
          • Solo Male 2nd place Andrew Hall's report

            Round 6, Sunday 25 November, Awaba

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