Singletrack Mind Series

... for anyone obsessed with singletrack


I'm new to mountain biking - is this series for me?

Absolutely! This style of event is a great introduction to racing. What you'll find when you come to one of these events is that, while a small percentage of the field are 'serious' racers, the majority of the riders are there purely for fun and a social day out in the forest. For most, it's all about enjoying a lap and then kicking back with mates over a coffee or a bite to eat while they wait for their next lap. The great thing about endurance racing for the novice rider is that you are generally not racing the person next to you - so no jostling for position or tactical racing required, just ride your laps at your own pace, enjoying the sweet singletrack! Sure, there will be riders on the track who will need to get past you, but we'll be strenuously emphasising the necessity for courteous behaviour on the track. We hope that you'll find any passing riders to be friendly and happy to wait until a convenient and safe passing opportunity can occur. Also, check out our Open Teams category which is aimed towards those just getting into racing who may want to try the challenge of teams racing in a fun and social format.


How fit do I need to be?

Each race track will be between 8km and 12km long, predominantly singletrack, with regular fire road sections to facilitate passing. It's entirely up to you how many laps you do. Each team member must complete at least one of their team's laps to show in the results (with the exception of the Fab Fours category), and the same applies to solo riders. In our premier 7hr category, Mixed Pairs, we love to see equal contribution in terms of time on track from both team members, therefore in the 7hr Mixed Pairs category each individual rider's lap tally may only differ to the other rider by a maximum of 2 laps. 


Can I practise the course before race day?

All of the Singletrack Mind Series locations are open for riding at any time! Note that the course for the event will only be marked & signed in the day or days prior to the event, so you might not be able to ride the exact course if you venture there in the weeks before. But, at all rounds the race track will be open for practice the day before the event, when you can also register, so it's a good opportunity to check out the track and avoid the rego queue on the Sunday morning! Full details for each round will be posted on the Series Information page when available.


Can I choose how many rounds of the Singletrack Mind series to enter or do I have to do the whole series?

Each round of the Singletrack Mind Series is a stand-alone event and you can enter as many or as few as you wish ... but remember, winning a series is all about consistency!


How are series points calculated?

All the info on Series Points can be found here.


Do I have to ride in the same team formation at every round?

If you can't always ride in the same team formation but still want to accrue series points, that's cool, you just need to make sure you use the same team name when you register, and take note of our rules on subsitutions. All the info on Series Points can be found here.