Singletrack Mind Series

... for anyone obsessed with singletrack

2016 Rules and Conditions


Every rider must register in person at the times indicated on the event schedule … yep, even you!


Riders must present their current MTBA licence at Registration OR purchase an MTBA day licence for $25.


Then take a minute to read and understand the Race Waiver and sign your name to confirm that you have read the fine print and you're good to go! If you're under 18, you'll need a parent or guardian present to sign on your behalf.


Only registered riders may practice on the race course, at the time(s) specified on the event schedule.


Please mount your bike number plate on the handlebar, in front of any cables or hoses as securely as possible and ensuring that the plate is as visible as possible in order for timing crew and officials to sight it easily. Modification or trimming of the number plate is also not permitted.


Your timing transponder will be affixed to the back of your bike number plate. Ensure it is properly affixed to the number plate also ensure that you are using the number plate and transponder that was allocated to you. If you have a back-up bike and swap to it during the race then you will need to swap the number plate with transponder as well. Transponders must not be switched between competitors.


Safety is paramount - the bike you take on the race track must be a mountain bike or cyclocross bike, and in good condition. No electric bikes are allowed. All riders must wear an Australian Standards approved cycle helmet (or equivalent - see MTBA policy) whilst riding their bike at any time on the race course or around the Event Centre.


All riders must commence their lap carrying a minimum of one bidon of liquid/500ml (or hydration pack), tyre levers, pump, spare inner tube, multi-tool.


Riders may not wear headphones or other similar music/communication devices during practice and competition.


A vital part of the mountain biking ethos is self-sufficiency but riders may accept assistance from other riders on course with respect to mechanical repairs, food, or drink. Outside assistance from support crew, neutral support or on-site bike shop is allowed only within the Event Centre.


Riders must follow the marked course at all times; any shortcutting or modification of the course will result in a time penalty or disqualification. Citing a lack of course bunting is against the spirit of endurance racing and will not be an acceptable defense.


Riders are only eligible for a place in the category in which they start the race. In the event of an incorrect category listing, riders must report this to Timing no later than the halfway point (time) of the race.


All riders must cross the timing mat at the transition zone prior to starting their next lap or handing over to the next relay rider.


When handing over to your next relay rider, riders must ‘tag’ one another by touch. Any team found to be transitioning without tagging the rider will be given a time penalty – it won't kill you to touch your sweaty mate!


Riders wishing to pass should clearly and loudly communicate to the rider in front their wish to pass. The rider being in front should respond with ‘Yes, on my left’, ‘Go, on my right’ or similar and yield at the earliest safe opportunity. The rider being passed always has right of way and whether a passing situation is deemed to be safe or appropriate for them and their level of skill is up to the rider being passed and must be respected. Try being friendly, it usually results in the rider to be overtaken yielding sooner!


Riders must behave in sporting manner at all times. Anti-social behaviour is grounds for disqualification and/or humiliation at the presentation.


Riders walking their bikes must give way at all times to those riding.


Riders must stop to assist an injured rider and inform an event official or stay with the injured rider and send another rider to inform an event official of the incident at the earliest opportunity.


If a rider stops to assist an injured rider, they can receive a time adjustment. The rider must report the incident and the duration of the stop to a race official as soon as the affected lap is completed. Having another rider to corroborate the story would also be advantageous. A time adjustment is calculated as follows: the average of all your other laps will be calculated and you will be awarded that time in place of the lengthened lap where you stopped.


A mechanical or injury may mean that a rider can’t complete a lap. If a rider wishes to abort that lap and send out another rider they may, and the lap will begin when the first rider started and finish when the replacement rider crosses the mat. The aborting rider’s name, team name, and race number must be reported by a marshal to the Course Director. The Course Director will announce for a team rider to commence, but that rider must come and tell the Course Director their race number before beginning their lap. When the aborting rider returns to the Event Centre they MUST NOT cross the timing mat!


Anyone found leaving litter, inner tubes, or dropped bidons on the course will be disqualified. Riders who willingly pick up the above items not belonging to them may be eligible for a prize.


Riders or teams withdrawing early from the race must notify Timing as soon as possible.


At each round, an age-group category (i.e. Masters or Super Masters) will only be formed with a minimum number of three solo riders or teams. In the event of there not being enough riders or teams to form an age-group category, entries will be merged into suitable categories, for example Super Masters would then race with Masters. Juniors are, of course, an exception to this. However, the rider or team will still accrue series points in their originally nominated category.


In the 6hr Mixed Pairs category each individual rider's lap tally may only differ to the other rider by a maximum of 2 laps. Should this be not possible for your team on the day due to injury or another reason and you are not in contention for a podium, please explain the reason to the Event Director and the team may be allowed to have a result.


In all categories except 6hr Open Teams, all team members must complete a minimum of one lap in order for the team to have a result in its registered category. Should this not be possible on the day, please explain the reason to the Event Director and the team may be allowed to have a result.


Series points for both solo riders and teams will be calculated using results from all four rounds of the Series.


Teams must use the same team name at each round to qualify for Series points. Team names may be changed at Registration but not after the event has commenced. Substitutions within teams will be allowed as follows:

  • In all instances: the total number of substitutions allowed may not be used at the same round, i.e. you can't replace your entire team at one race!
  • Pairs: 1 single rider substitution over the course of the series. 
  • Junior Threes: 2 single rider substitutions over the course of the series. This means that you can have 2 substitutions for 2 rounds of the series. Note that if you use the same individual as the substitute rider each time, that is still counted as two substitutions.
  • Junior Fours: 2 single rider substitutions over the course of the series


Protests must be made to the Event Director. These may be submitted up to 15 minutes after the final results being posted. The Event Director has the final decision on all protests so be nice!


All ages are calculated using the rider's age on 31 December 2016. Minimum ages and age ranges for categories is as follows:
6hr Race Length
Solo: 16
Pairs: 15
Masters: 40
Threes: 12
Fours: 12-18

4hr Race Length
Junior: 15-18
Open: 19

Teams must ensure that their junior team members race for no longer than the following maximum times, in accordance with MTBA's policy on junior participation:

Age Maximum Total Race Time
12 1 hour
13 2 hours
14 2 hours
15 4 hours
16 8 hours

Exceptions may be made for riders younger than the age limit for a category to race in that category provided the maximum race times above are adhered to.


Australian road rules apply at all times on forest or classified roads


Ignorance of these rules is not an acceptable defence


Final rule: Have fun – we absolutely insist you have fun!