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About Hammer Nutrition

Hammer-Nutrition-Singletrack-Mind-SeriesChocolate Foot has chosen Hammer Nutrition products to ensure that every rider has access to the best Endurance Sports Nutrition available. Choice of event nutrition is extremely important - no event organiser wants riders suffering during their event.

Hammer Nutrition is at the cutting edge of Sports Nutrition. Hammer Nutrition has focused on making products using only ingredients which we believe are of benefit to the athlete. This means that our products contain no added simple sugars, colouring, preservatives and anything which is harmful to the rider’s performance.

Athlete nutritional education is extremely important to us. We strongly believe in not only selling you the best Endurance fuels, but also providing you with relevant knowledge, so you are able to make an informed decision about your nutrition choices.

Competitor Discount

All Chocolate Foot event supporters can purchase Hammer Products at a 12% discount on the Hammer Nutrition website. Purchase the products online then proceed to the checkout cart. Insert the code CHOC FOOT into the coupon section, check out, and your discount will be applied.

Getting Started with Hammer Nutrition

Here are 6 basic topics to get you started and ensure you don’t make a basic endurance nutrition mistake:

  1. Keep fluid intake during exercise between 475-830 ml per hour.
  2. Restrict caloric intake to a maximum 300 calories/hour during exercise.
  3. Avoid simple sugars in your fuels; use complex carbohydrates only.
  4. Electrolytes Replenishment
  5. Replenish your body with carbohydrates and protein as soon as possible after each exercise session, and ideally within the first 30-60 minutes.
  6. Nutrition Practice - This is something that is so fundamentally important, but can be completely overlooked until race day! Do not do that. Whenever you have a long training session you need to be practising your nutrition not once but as often as you can. Practise will teach you a lot about what your body likes and requires. Ensure you practise under as many different climate and terrain conditions as possible.This practise will pay huge dividends on race day.

Remember “Fuel right, Feel GREAT”

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