Singletrack Mind Series

... for anyone obsessed with singletrack




Race Categories

At each round the following categories will be offered:


6 Hour
Race Categories

Ages Special Category Option
Open Solo (Male & Female) 16 and over Clydesdale
Masters Solo (Male & Female) 40 to 49 Clydesdale
Super Masters Solo (Male & Female)
50 and over Clydesdale
Male Pairs 15 and over    
Female Pairs
Mixed Pairs
Masters Pairs 40 and over  
Open Teams (3 or more riders) 12 and over    
Junior (three or four riders) 12 to 18  
4 Hour Solo-only
Race Categories
Open Solo (Male & Female) 19 and over  
Junior Solo (Male & Female) 15 to 18  


Six Hour Open Teams

This category is aimed at those getting into racing who want to try the challenge of  teams racing in a fun and social format.The emphasis for this category is on participation. Thus there is no requirement for every registered team member to complete a lap for the team to have a result in the category (see below).

Special Category Championships - Solo Entrants

Each round will also feature two Special Categories for solo entrants in the 6hr race length - Clydesdale and Singlespeed. If you wish to compete in a Special Category for any of the rounds, you will nominate this on your entry form (at no extra cost).

Clydesdale - rider + bike must weigh in at >100kg for male riders and >80kg for female riders
Singlespeed - rider must be riding singlespeed bike ... pretty self-explanatory really ;)

How does this work? Well, at each round there will be one winner of each Special Category for the 6hr race length, male and female. Entrants will also be eligible for the Clydesdale or Singlespeed Series Championship if they compete in these categories at two rounds or more of the series. To our more robust singlespeeders - sorry, you can't compete in both categories at the same time, you'll have to choose one or the other! We'll also be running the Clydesdale "The Biggest Winner" competition alongside this category, read on for more info!


Prize Categories

At each round, an age-group category (i.e. Masters or Super Masters) will only be formed with a minimum number of three solo riders or teams. In the event of there not being enough riders or teams to form an age-group category, entries will be merged into suitable categories, for example Super Masters would then race with Masters. Juniors are, of course, an exception to this. However, the rider or team will still accrue series points in their originally nominated category.

For the 6hr race length, prize money will be awarded where the category has formed with the minimum number of riders or teams. The exception to this in 2016 is Round 4 which is also Evocities MTB Series Round 7, where prize money is awarded to 1st to 5th places in the Open Solo categories (male and female) as shown on the event information page. Therefore, at Round 4, Open Solo categories will only be awarded the Evocities MTB Series prize money, and pairs categories will receive prize money as listed below.

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Open Solo $150 $100 $80
Mixed Pairs $200 $150 $120
Female Pairs $200 $150 $120
Male Pairs $200 $150 $120


Lap Requirements by Team Members

All team members must complete a minimum of one lap in order for the team to have a result in its registered category. This applies to all categories except Open Teams.

Solo riders or teams do not need to be on course at race cutoff time to qualify for a result. Once all members have completed one lap, your team qualifies for a result, with the exception of Mixed Pairs which have their own rule.

Mixed Pairs - Lap Requirements
For our premier category, we love to see equal contribution in terms of time on track from both team members. In the Mixed Pairs category each individual rider's lap tally may only differ to the other rider by a maximum of 2 laps. Should this be not possible for your team on the day due to injury or another reason and you are not in contention for a podium, please explain the reason to the Event Director and the team may be allowed to have a result.



The following minimum ages and age ranges apply to every round of the Singletrack Mind Series. All ages are calculated using the rider's age on 31 December 2015.

  • minimum age for solo entrants is 16 (6hr race length) or 15 (4hr race length)
  • minimum age for pairs team members is 15
  • minimum age for open teams members is 12, however please adhere to the maximum total race time policy below*
  • all team members in the junior fours category must be aged between 12 and 18*
  • minimum age for Masters team members is 40

*Please note: according to the MTBA policy on junior participation, the age ranges are based on a concept of maximum race time. That is, the maximum a junior rider is permitted to race in a single 24hr period. The following table gives these maximum times:

Age Maximum Total Race Time
12 1 hour
13 2 hours
14 2 hours
15 4 hours
16 8 hours

We ask all teams to ensure these guidelines are adhered to with respect to the time junior riders spend out there on the track.

Exceptions may be made, on application, for riders younger than the age limit for a category to race in that category provided the maximum race times above are adhered to. Please contact us on 0457 084 552 to discuss this.