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Round Three, Nowra - Update

scum logo stmIf you're on the coast and look out the window right now it probably looks pretty dark and wet and yes rain is forecast through 'til Wednesday morning, but it is forecast to ease, leading to a fine weekend.

So, the club will be checking the track and event area first thing Thursday to see how it's held up and decide, based on what else is forecast, as to whether it will cope.

The Nowra trails are actually pretty resilient, drain well and now with the upgraded access road (which has been the main problem in the past), we are confident it will be OK to hold the race seeing as things have been very dry in the lead up.

Remember, we will do offer a full refund if we have to postpone and reschedule (or you can simply transfer to the new date), so the only risk is confirming your accommodation - we'd recommend negotiating with them for a Friday morning deadline. Shoalhaven Tourism say there's no other major events on in the local area this weekend so late booking shouldn't be a prob.

In short: we think it will happen, will confirm on Thursday morning.