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The Chocolate Wrapper - 2015 Finish Line Singletrack Mind Series R2 Event Report

Dear Singletracker


We hope by now you've well and truly thawed out from what was a super cool (in so many ways!) day out at Wingello for Round 2 of the Finish Line Singletrack Mind Series. Those softies who stayed under the doona really missed out on a fantastic day of riding bikes, racing, and a great event vibe! And, with a lot of discussion in the media lately about "Why don't women race?" we are extremely proud to report a record female attendance of 23% of the field!

How good are the Wingello trails? Wingello is pretty special to us having previously lived in the area and helped build some of the original singletrack. The Southern Highlands Cycling Club is also pretty special, this close-knit and proactive club is always a pleasure to work with and riders let us know their efforts were appreciated repeatedly during the day and via the great feedback we've received since the event - thank you! Now you've had a taste of what Wingello has to offer, why not join them for The Willo event on Sunday 13 March 2016?

It's clear that the Highlands breeds some great riders and this is set to continue, not least with the amazing Evans family. Karen Evans, mother of six and grandmother of two, took up mountain biking just over 4 years ago and is clearly a natural, rising quickly to national level competition and she now has several Nationals titles under her belt. Her two youngest daughters Verity (13) and Maizy (11) are already showing great promise and we have no doubt will be future stars of the sport! Karen has qualified for the Masters World XCO Championship in Andorra in September, but needs a bit of help to get there! If you'd like to help you can donate here.

It was great to kick off the weekend's riding with the reccie ride with Kelly and Belinda. They had 7 takers, for some of whom it was their very first MTB race, and these riders reported afterwards that they felt far more confident to tackle the race the next day. 

There were plenty of fantastic battles throughout the day and you can read up on all the racing news on Mountain Biking Australia Magazine. The kids' race was, as always, a hotly-contested event and this venue was wonderful in that it provided a dedicated singletrack loop for the action.

We are very lucky to have such awesome support from sponsors and services at the events. Thanks to SRAM, McGee's Cycling Store, James Estate Wines, and Short Circuit Cancer for helping create a great vibe at the event centre. Hot drinks and warm food was in high demand from our event caterer Snax on Trax who were, as always, more than up to the task!

Congratulations to all the category winners and place getters for their awesome efforts, recieving cash and prizes from our fantastic sponsors Finish Line, SRAM, Avid, RockShox, Truvativ, Hammer Nutrition, James Estate, Aussie Butt Cream, Mountain Biking Australia magazine, and Cycle & Fitness Studio!

Results, Photos & Reports

The race results, including Female & Male 20 fastest laps, are up on the website. Here you'll also find a bunch of reports from the race and competitor feedback. Series rankings will also available on the Results & Reports page in the near future. 

Our event photographer Ian Moses took 800+ shots which are showcased in our Gallery. You're welcome to download the low-res shots displayed there for your personal use and if you want to purchase a high-res copy ($15 per image), please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the image filename that you are after.

Our awesome vollie and friend Josh Nicholson of Riding Focus took some fantastic shots of the kids' race and these can also be found in the Gallery. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like a better quality version.

Thank You

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who assisted in the successful running of the event:

  • Southern Highlands Cycling Club for their fantastic support before, during and after the event.

  • SHCC and Highlands Trails course marshals & timing crew who cheered on riders and looked after your safety on track.

  • Riders – thanks for helping create the fun and positive vibe that these events are known for. We’re totally stoked that you guys are doing your best to obey Rule # 33!

  • Good Samaritans – thanks to everyone who stopped to offer assistance to other riders due to injury or mechanicals.

  • Ian Moses and Josh Nicholson – for providing outstanding images - enjoy checking them out!

  • Snax on Trax – for providing awesome food and coffee as always.

  • Precision Timing Services – for the live-to-the-web, transponder timing service.

  • SRAM and McGee's Cycling Store for providing technical support and good vibes all day long!

  • James Estate Wines for their product displays and samples.

  • Finish Line for their lube bay.

  • St John Ambulance – the volunteers of the St John Ambulance who looked after any injuries - thanks for your tireless work and enthusiasm!

  • Volunteers – we couldn't have done this without our wonderful volunteers! You’re all awesome! Thanks to Josh, Craig, Liam, Monika, Kelly, Belinda, Linda, Steph and everyone who volunteered their time throughout the weekend ... you all rock!

Chocolate Foot Women's MTB Development Team

As you'll see in the media report, the Chocolate Foot Chix had an epic battle on their hands against the other two female pairs team. The puncture gods may have had a say in the results, but that's racing and kudos to the Choccy Foot girls for keeping it consistent all day long to take a well-deserved win.

Check out the Team Website which includes rider profiles, blogs and info about the team's great sponsors.

Sponsor Info

Hammer Nutrition

Hammer-BannerDon't forget to take advantage of the 12% discount offered by Hammer Nutrition. Simply use the code: CHOC FOOT. Remember "Fuel Right, Feel GREAT!"

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Made with carefully chosen polysiloxane and advanced fluoropolymers, Max™ Suspension Spray is formulated to fight striction, condition and protect seals, O-rings, and other rubber parts. Max improves the surface slip of any stanchion, even ones that are coated!

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Putting our best foot forward …

Next up is the fantastic flowy trails of Coondoo Road, Nowra! It's been a part of the series for all 6 years because everyone loves Coondoo!

Thanks again for being part of a great Series of racing, and we and the South Coast United Mountainbikers look forward to welcoming you to Round 3 at Nowra on 30 August!


Joe & Fi


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