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Grimm-Hewitt Artwork Prizes

Shortcut Home watermarkedWe're really excited to have landscape artist Nicole Grimm-Hewitt's beautiful work offered as prizes for the Singletrack Mind Series - a great opportunity to take home something truly unique - an original artwork of a mountain bike forest scene.

Nicole is firmly behind encouraging more female participation in mountain biking, and of course we are too, so for rounds 1-4 she'll be offering an original 8" x 8" Grimm-Hewitt painting, valued at $160, as a prize to be drawn from the female competitors on the day. Nicole plans that each of these works will be a scene of a female rider in a forest.

For the Series finale, we've come up with what we think is a marvellous idea to reward someone who's raced with us all Series. One of our 2014 Serial Offenders will be lucky enough to win the grand draw prize of a 24" x 18" Grimm-Hewitt painting, valued at $500, and this painting will be a stylized version of a picture of the winner, based on an image provided by Series photographer Dave Bateman (a good reason to be wearing your best kit and being extra-photogenic all Series!).

We'll be posting teasers of the prize paintings for rounds 1-4 as soon as we can. We're sure you'll love Nicole's paintings as much as we do - head to her website to see more examples of her work.


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