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Hello Singletrackers!

Just a quick update from Rotorua, New Zealand, where we raced in the 2W Gravity Enduro event last weekend and is the kick-off to our Xmas Riding Extravaganza (next up: Wellington, Nelson, Queenstown!).

We're stoked to let you know of our racing plans for 2015! We'll be taking you to a new brand venue for the Singletrack Mind Series, and we're launching the new Good Times enduro series which we announced late last week - we're super pumped to hear you're as excited about it as we are!

2015 Singletrack Mind Series 


2015 will mark the 6th awesome year of the Singletrack Mind series. It’ll remain the same with 4 hour solo and 7 hour solo & team categories, the finest singletrack in NSW and our usual slick organisation and relaxed vibe of the events. With so much on the racing calendar we’ve decided to pare the series back to a leaner and more acheiveable 3 event format and they’ll be 3 VERY memorable days out on your bike!

The Series is again made possible by the kind cooperation of our hosts, the great mountain bike clubs of South Coast United Mountain Bikers at Nowra, Southern Highlands Cycling Club at Wingello and the management of Western Sydney Parklands. We are looking forward to working together with them to bring you another singletrack extravaganza!

Also new for 2015 is the inclusion of the first round in the new Evocities MTB series. Our round at Wylde MTB park will be the only metropolitan round of the series which focuses on delivering high quality MTB events to regional “Evocities" such as Dubbo, Wagga and Tamworth. We think this series is a great initiative and are very excited to be an event partner.


As ever, we’ll organise everything you could need for a great day out on the bike: sublime singletrack, fantastic prizes, kids' racing, plus plenty of chances to win schwag with spot prizes and competitions.

Round 1, 12 April: The newly built Wylde MTB Park is the most highly anticipated MTB facility in Sydney and located near the MTB course for the 2000 Olympics. We’re really stoked about kicking off the series here for 3 reasons: it’s a great track, we’ll be hosting the first major event for the track and it’s also part of the Evocities Series. Boom!

Round 2, 17 May: Wingello in the Southern Highlands is synonymous with fast, fun and challenging singletrack! The Highlands Trails group have been busy with a recent singletrack addition and with the wonderful Southern Highlands MTB club partnering with us for this round, this is not to be missed!

Round 3, 30 August: The fast and flowy Coondoo Road trails at Nowra have featured in each of the previous five years of the Singletrack Mind Series. Hosted by the South Coast Mountainbikers, the course offers a bunch of different options for course setting, and while it’s great for the novice rider, more experienced riders love it as it's challenging to ride consistently fast!

We'll have all the info up on the website in the New Year and entries will open in late January.

 Good Times MTB Enduro Series

IMG 5190 400“Race the clock, ride with mates. Good times!"

We are proud to announce an exciting new MTB series kicking off in 2015 - the Good Times enduro series. Focused on fun, high quality trail riding, this will appeal to our regular competitors and those into Enduro-style racing.

Having just raced the awesome 2W Enduro in Rotorua which features a similar format, we're sure this is the way to go and will be bringing back plenty of observations from that event.

This will be more than just a race against the clock, it's about creating the same vibe as if you were out trail riding with your mates - but with racing, bragging rights, and sweet prizes thrown into the mix. It's not all about chasing split seconds, we're going to make sure you have a good time whether you're at the pointy end or if it's your first enduro event!

We've modelled this series on the format of the Enduro World Series. We plan to have a point to point course made up of around 5 timed sections and numerous liaison or cruising stages which competitors can ride at a relaxed pace with their mates and dozens of new mates. The liaisons won’t just be firetrail bashing either, we plan to make these as fun as the timed sections but without the pressure of racing. It’s all about good times!

Proposed dates and locations for the inaugural Good Times enduro series are:

7 June: Mogo State Forest, Mogo. The Maulbrooks MTB Park hosted a round of the Singletrack Mind Series last year and everyone raved about descents of AST and The Snake Track! But there’s plenty more gold in them thar hills and we’ll have 5 timed sections to test your skills. And it’s not all fast, buff stuff like the Snake track there’s plenty of rock for the more technically minded. We’ll link this all up with fun liaison sections that will have you yelling for more! Good times!

4 October: Kiwarrak State Forest, Taree. The Singletrack Mind series has visited the 'Tip Trails'on two occasions and each time we’ve been blown away with the quality of the trails, especially after they have been groomed to perfection with a leaf blower! What you might not know is that up the ridge is plenty of amazing trails and through the liaison and 5 race stages you’ll get to know plenty more of Taree’s fine singletrack, and the ominously named trails 'Frontal Lobotomy' and 'Son of Skull'!

15 November: Orange. The capital of the central west has an abundance of great riding! The Singletrack Mind Series has been to Kinross State Forest 3 times and the stoke factor has been huge! While Kinross itself offers some great descents like the North Shore, there’s also trails on the slopes of the 1,395m peak of Mt Conobolas, while we’ve yet to ride them, the local trail fairies tell us these secret trails are epic!

The Good Times event website will be available in the New Year.

That's it from us for now. Wishing you all a very happy festive season filled with many great days on the bike, and we look forward to seeing you in 2015!


Joe & Fi

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