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Footprint: Chocolate Foot News, March 2010

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2010 SRAM Singletrack Mind Series – Protected by Brave Soldier

We’re elated to announce that SRAM have come on board as headline sponsor for the series! Needing little introduction, we're sure you're already aware that SRAM drivetrain performance is second to none. With SRAM equipped riders having taken all three steps of the podium at the Tour De France, then repeating that with the XC and DH podiums at the World Championships in Canberra, SRAM let their results do the talking and we can't wait to thrill you with their range of fantastic prizes!


We are also really excited to have Brave Soldier involved and protecting you, the rider, from all that Mother Nature and several hours on a bike dish out! Brave Soldier offers a range of performance skincare specially catered to the needs of serious athletes and the not so serious weekend warrior in all of us. All products are formulated with the best natural ingredients to fulfil a specific function. Our personal favourite is Friction Zone, a tried and tested product for endurance events, a superior anti-chafing, cold water and sweat-resistant chamois crème that helps prevent irritation 'down there'. It lasts for hours, it's freakin' awesome!


If that wasn't enough, SRAM has invited a few special and highly credentialed friends along for the series - RockShox, Avid and Truvativ. We really can't wait to see the smiles as we present some of these fantastic products and can also assure you that your trusty SRAM/RockShox/Avid/Truvativ equipped steed will be in good hands at the event with on-site SRAM Technical Support.


Lezyne is a relatively new name in the market but is making big waves. I can't say I've ever felt lust for a floor pump before, but after drooling over, now I do, and yes it feels a little weird... Two words. Engineered Design - describe why Lezyne's range of multi-tools, pumps and indispensable accessories work brilliantly and look great!

For more information on all of these great brands, please see the Sponsors & Partners page.



We're pleased to let you know that entries will open on Thursday 18 March. The entries page has recently been updated, so please check it out for further details. On 18 March there'll be a link for online entry and you can sign up for as many of the series rounds as you choose! We are using MTBA's new entry system but you don't need to be an MTBA member to enter the events, day licenses are available on the site. If you think you'll do the whole series, you can also sign up to a club of your choice and enjoy the benefits of being a full MTBA member.


We've added some Frequently Asked Questions to the website, which we trust should answer most of your queries.


It's going to be a massive year for the soloists with the 24 Hour Solo World Championships coming to Australia in October and while we love you solo nutters, we thought for this year we'd give the pairs a little time in the spotlight so we've decided to make Mixed Pairs the premier racing category! We will of course have lots of great prizes for all categories but we're keen to see more women on track and more guys and girls sharing the fun of enduro racing! See the categories page and start planning your teams now!

Of course we are offering a special highlight for you solo riders in the form of the Special Category Championships. First of these is the Retro Bike Championship, so dust off those relics of mountain bike history - tune up your pre-1998 machine and dig out your fluoro lycra!

What's the go at Lithgow?

We're loading up the Chocolate Foot jalopy (think Flintstones car with bike racks) and heading west to where the singletrack is sweet and the beer is cheap! We're going riding with the legendary Flynny and the Central Tablelands MTB Club crew and look forward to posting some video so you can all see why Lidsdale is very much worth the trip and the perfect place to kick off the 2010 SRAM Singletrack Mind Series – Protected by Brave Soldier.


That's all for now, may your trails always be flowing!

Chocolate Foot Team



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