Chocolate Foot

Putting our best foot forward

Welcome to Chocolate Foot

Welcome to Chocolate Foot! The team at Chocolate Foot always strive to have their best foot forward to deliver Sydney’s best MTB skills training and events to the mountain bike community.

'What does Chocolate Foot mean, exactly?’ It’s a term coined by legendary trials rider Hans “no way” Rey, the foot a rider prefers to have in the forward position. We all have a chocolate foot - you may not consciously know which one it is, but next time you jump on your bike and stand up on the pedals to coast, take a look down and check out your chocolate foot.

While Chocolate Foot used to run Mountain Bike events across NSW and the ACT, such as the Singletrack Mind series, we now wholly focus on skills teaching and coaching which Chocolate Foot principals Fiona Dick and Joe Ward find very enjoyable and satisfying. Click through to check out our range of MTB Skills clinics to see what suits you and your stage of riding!