Chocolate Foot

Putting our best foot forward

Welcome to Chocolate Foot

Welcome to Chocolate Foot! The team at Chocolate Foot always have their best foot forward to deliver premier services and events to the mountain bike community.

So you might be wondering 'What does Chocolate Foot mean, exactly?' In cycling terms, it is the foot a rider prefers to have in the forward position. We all have a chocolate foot - you may not consciously know which one it is, but next time you jump on your bike and stand up on the pedals to coast, take a look down and check out your chocolate foot.

Mountain Bike Skills Tuition: We love assisting people in developing their skills and their love for the sport. We offer mountain bike skills training, social rides and even weekends away.

Our Events: During its six year run, the Singletrack Mind was well established as the premier endurance race series in NSW & ACT, taking riders to race on the best tracks available. Popular in 2011 and 2012, the Rock Wallaby was a 50km half marathon event, with a support act of a 25km event, and earned itself a reputation of a true mountain biker's event taking in a tour of Appin’s great natural terrain. But all good things must come to an end and we're no longer offering these events, but we've left up the galleries and some general info so we can still reminisce about the good old days!